Berthoud Knapsack Sprayer Range 2024

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Welcome to our Berthoud knapsack sprayer buyers guide, where we’ll go over everything you need to know about it as well as the main benefits and drawbacks we believe this garden pressure sprayer has.

Our Berthoud Knapsack Sprayer review will cover all of the features you need to know, as well as a demo video and a series of FAQs that will perhaps address some of your questions.

This mid to high-level range of pressure sprayers is ideal for medium-sized gardens with a sizeable amount of weeds.

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– Best Overall – Berthoud Vermorel 2000 Knapsack Sprayer


Berthoud have been spraying specialists since 1895, their broad product range is well respected by professionals. Having been produced in the French EXEL factory, there is no doubt to their European made quality.

The Vermorel sprayers in particular have been praised for their design, prioritising the comfort of the user. Spare parts for all machines are available.

One of the outstanding features that speak volumes is the manufacturer’s 5-year warranty across the range.

Also, the range of accessories to repair and maintain, as opposed to throwing away is another great incentive for choosing this brand of pressure sprayers.

Sprayer size options

The Berthoud range is mainly covered by these four knapsack sprayers.

18 Pro1800 Sprayer2000 Sprayer3000 Sprayer
General Purpose ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Adjustable Nozzle ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Pump Lever ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Electric Feed ✔️
Lance60 cm60 cm60 – 100 cm60 – 100 cm
Adjustable Pressure ✔️ ✔️
Working Pressure1 to 6 bar1 to 5 bar1 to 5 bar1 to 3 bar
Capacity18-litre (4 gallons)16-litre (3.5 gallons)16-litre (3.5 gallons)18-litre (4 gallons)
Dimensions450 x 170 x 505 mm (WxDxH)390 x 285 x 615 mm (WxDxH)390 x 285 x 615 mm (WxDxH)390 x 285 x 615 mm (WxDxH)
Dry Weight3.7 Kgs5.1 Kgs5.9 Kgs6.2 Kgs
Laden Weight22.4 Kgs21.5 Kgs21.5 Kgs24.9 Kgs
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Comparison of the Berthoud knapsack sprayers

Main features

Berthoud provides a fine range of well-known commercial sprayers that work effectively in distributing your required herbicide over the identified weeds and making it easier to get rid of a larger infestation.

Each version comes with a large diameter filler opening and a large volume anti-splash filter for quick filling.

Berthoud Cosmos 18 Pro Knapsack Sprayer

Berthoud Cosmos 18 Pro Knapsack Sprayer
Berthoud Cosmos 18 Pro Knapsack Sprayer

A backpack sprayer with a high-performance piston pump producing up to 6 bars of sustained pressure and a built-in mixer to maintain uniform ad homogenous liquid quality.

Designed for spraying large gardens, orchards, and vineyards.


  • Reversible left or right-hand pump lever
  • High performance Piston Pump with 6-bar maximum pressure
  • Reversible right/left pumping lever
  • Professional wand grip ergonomically designed to keep your wrist and hand in a natural position
  • Lance holder for easy storage
  • 60cm aluminium lance
  • Ergonomic carrying handle providing an excellent hold
  • Inner sloping tank base to prevent residual liquid/waste at the end of treatment
  • Stainless steel ball bearings in the air tank for perfect anti-leak tightness while avoiding wear on the parts
  • Viton pump seal for long term resistance to fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides
  • 125mm wide opening with built-in filter, for easy filling while keeping impurities out
  • Built-in mixer for homogenous mix and uniform liquid quality
  • Deep filter mesh to avoid chemicals splashing outside the tank
  • 18-litre graduated translucent tank
  • Easy tank emptying without any fluid traps
  • Carry handle for easy transport
  • Reinforced foam-covered straps with easy adjustment for optimum position on the back and greater comfort during use
  • Universal nozzle holder

Berthoud Vermorel 1800 Knapsack Sprayer

Berthoud Vermorel 1800 Knapsack Sprayer
Berthoud Vermorel 1800 Knapsack Sprayer

The Vermorel Pro Comfort 1800 sprayer is the market leader when it comes to knapsack sprayers. This comfortable and efficient sprayer has been designed with the operator in mind.

This knapsack is very quick at gaining & holding its pressure. It only requires 8-10 strokes per minute to keep pressure, compared to 30-40 with a conventional knapsack. This sprayer will accept all standard sized Nozzles, regardless of their pattern.


  • High-performance diaphragm pump with curved piston (ease of handling and low pumping rate)
  • Reversible left/right pump lever with 2 positions: storage (vertical position) and in operation (inclined position)
  • Professional ‘PROFILE’-type lance handle
  • 60 cm composite lance with high mechanical and chemical resistance
  • 16-litre capacity with visible liquid level
  • Quick at gaining and holding its pressure
  • An ergonomic back frame that perfectly fits the shape of your back
  • Adjustable padded double shoulder straps
  • The sprayer will accept all standard nozzles, regardless of their pattern

Berthoud Vermorel 2000 Knapsack Sprayer

Berthoud Vermorel 2000 Knapsack Sprayer
Berthoud Vermorel 2000 Knapsack Sprayer

The Vermorel Pro Comfort 2000 sprayer is the market leader when it comes to knapsack sprayers. The improved version of the Vermorel 1800 model, this comfortable and efficient sprayer boasts an ergonomic back frame that moulds to the shape of your back.

This knapsack is very quick at gaining & holding its pressure. It only requires 8-10 strokes per minute to keep pressure, compared to 30-40 with a conventional knapsack. This sprayer will accept all standard Nozzles, regardless of their pattern.

Designed for Maximum Comfort with a specially designed back frame and harness.

The Berthoud Vermorel Comfort Pro 2000 Knapsack Sprayer


  • Adjustable pressure limiter from 1 to 5 bars allowing for the flow rate to be controlled according to the type of treatment
  • High-capacity air bell designed for a 50% lower pumping rate than a conventional sprayer
  • Left/right reversible pump lever will full position adjustment for maximum user comfort and automatic return to upper position to facilitate handling and storage
  • High chemical resistance membrane pump
  • Filter strainer to reduce risk of clogging
  • High chemical resistance 60cm to 100cm telescopic composite lance
  • Professional ergonomic lance handle with built-in filter for comfortable use
  • Easy to assemble and adjust for spraying with an 8mm Allen key
  • Large 125mm opening designed for fast filling and complete emptying of tank
  • Graduated translucent tank with 16L capacity for easy filling
  • Large built-in moulded handle for easy grasp and carry
  • Viton seals for resistance against harsh chemicals
  • Reinforced wide foam straps with easy to adjust load returns to avoid shoulder shear and lateral tension
  • Girth strap and back support for improved stability and weight distribution
  • Ergonomic back frame designed to perfectly hug the shape of the back
  • Easy to remove pins to detach the harness from the tank for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 1 x Turbulence Nozzle
  • 1 x Blue Mirror Flat Nozzle
  • 1 x Blue Brush Type Flat Nozzle

Berthoud Vermorel 3000 Electric Sprayer

Berthoud Vermorel 3000 Knapsack Sprayer
Berthoud Vermorel 3000 Knapsack Sprayer

New from Berthoud, the Electric Vermorel 3000 Knapsack Sprayer features a lithium battery with a 6 hour work time. No more pumping! This knapsack has been designed with the operator in mind; it boasts adjustable and padded straps which provide comfort during prolonged use.

The Vermorel 3000 is also more than 1.5kg lighter than the Vermorel 2000 making it easier to carry for long periods of time.

This sprayer was re-designed in 2018 and now offered a higher build quality & longer battery life.

Available with large wheel cart for easy manoeuvrability and 5m hose.


  • No pumping required as you can effortlessly press the trigger and away you go
  • New technology Lithium battery for long lifespan
  • 6 hour battery life with 4 LEDs battery charge level indicator
  • 12V Lithium ion battery can be removed for charging and comes with a spare battery
  • Electronic pressure control for precise and constant spray
  • Telescopic lance extends from 60 cm up to 100 cm
  • Twin diaphragm pump and Viton seals: max flow 2.6L/min
  • Choice of 3 pressure settings – low, high or spray bar switachable settings
  • Translucent 18 ltr tank with filling indicator
  • Adjustable comfort harness for optimum comfort during prolonged use
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Contoured back frame that is unique to the Berthoud Sprayer Range
  • Adjustable nozzle to give precise control

Our recommendation

One of the areas that make this such a desirable range of pressure sprayers is the ease of acquiring spare parts in order to extend the life of the product. Not only does this make it an easier affair to repair and maintain, but it ensures you capitalise on your initial investment for years to come.

Not only can you use this pressure sprayer for weedkilling but it also allows you to use it for high-pressure car washing and watering of your garden.

In conclusion

Berthoud knapsacks are renowned for their performance, comfort and reliability. One of the many factors that elevate this brand above others is its precision in delivering the chemicals precisely and consistently over time.

Perfect for large gardens, orchards, trees, shrubs and weed-infested areas.


What is the function of a knapsack sprayer?

A knapsack is a type of sprayer that disperses liquid through a hand-held nozzle that is attached to a pressurised reservoir carried on the operators back. Knapsack sprayers can be used to apply liquids such as fertilisers, herbicides and fungicides for example and are suited to spot treating areas.

What products can be used with this sprayer?

This sprayer can be used to spray soluble based products such as herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers and insecticides. It has also been used extensively for cleaning products especially during Covid where large areas need to be covered.

What are the precautions to be taken when using a knapsack?

Keep it away from eatables and animals. Don’t allow the animals to graze in the field after spraying weedicides. Wash and clean the sprayer with soap or detergent powder after spraying is completed.