Spear and Jackson Pressure Sprayer Range 2024

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Welcome to our Spear and Jackson Pressure Sprayer buyers guide, where we’ll go over everything you need to know about it as well as the main benefits and drawbacks we believe this garden pressure sprayer has.

The 5 Litre Spear and Jackson Pressure Sprayer (reference number 5LPAPS) will be the focus of our attention, although there are several sizes available in this category, including 1, 2, 8, and 15-litre volume sprayer options, as well as a twin pack to avoid mixing chemicals and fertilisers.

Our Spear and Jackson Pressure Sprayer review will cover all of the features you need to know, as well as a demo video and a series of FAQs that will perhaps address some of your questions.

This entry-level range of pressure sprayers is ideal for small to medium-sized gardens with a reasonable amount of weeds.

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If you haven’t already known, Spear & Jackson was founded in Sheffield and has been around for a very long time, dating back to 1760, so you can get a sense of how long this company has been operating.

They specialise in lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, blowers, string trimmers, and other garden equipment, and they can provide a variety of models in each category, including petrol, cordless, and corded garden tools.

Overview of our Spear and Jackson pressure sprayer review

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A 5 litre Spear and Jackson pressure garden sprayer is a great tool for the home gardener. It can be used to water plants, control weeds, and keep bugs at bay.

We have high expectations for their garden tools, and we wanted to check if their pressure garden sprayers lived up to them.

Spear and Jackson garden sprayer identification
Spear and Jackson pressure sprayer identification

Sprayer size options

The fact that there is a fair mix of sprayer options available in this area, where you can choose from a 2-litre, 5-litre, 5-litre twin-pack, 8-litre, or even a 15-litre pressure sprayer under the Spear and Jackson brand, means that there is something for nearly any gardener out there.

2-litre Pressure Sprayer5-litre Pressure Sprayer5-litre Pressure Sprayer for Wood8-litre Pressure Sprayer15-litre Pressure Sprayer
General Purpose ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Adjustable Nozzle ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
For Wood Treatment ✔️
Carrying Strap ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Easy Pump Action ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Pressure Gauge ✔️
Brass Nozzle ✔️
Foot Plates ✔️
PH Values 5-9 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
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Main features

Spear and Jackson provide a fine range of well-known and well-loved garden sprayers that work effectively in distributing your required herbicide over the identified weeds.

Spear and Jackson Pressure Sprayer

Spraying knotweed as part of a designated treatment plan
Spraying knotweed as part of a designated treatment plan
  • Pressure pump action
  • Adjustable brass nozzle
  • Printed bottle instructions
  • Release safety valve
  • On/Off flow control trigger
  • Hose length 1.3m long
  • Lance wand is 56cm long
  • Fully adjustable wand nozzle from spray to mist
  • Alternative sizes available
  • Twin pack option also available
  • Warranty: 1 year long

Pressure Sprayer Overview

  • This is a pump action pressure sprayer from Spear & Jackson and it includes an adjustable brass nozzle, a push lock and also the pressure release safety valve along with the operating instruction actually printed on the bottle which is always easier to manage
  • The wand can be adjusted from mist to spray, it has the water flow regulation and the lockable trigger system. It also comes with a handy shoulder strap to reduce arm fatigue.
  • The bottle is translucent for better visibility and it can measure in both fluid ounces and litres.
  • You get a hose length of 1.3 long, a wand lance length of 56cm and the weight of the unit excluding any fluids is 0.4kg (5.4k when full)
  • Included in the pack is an adjustable wand nozzle, a pressure release value, the easy pump action handle and the adjustable shoulder strap
  • There are printed diagrams or a printed diagram guide on the bottle to help you manage the operational functions and the pressure release valve is located on the shoulder side of the bottle near the handle.
  • One added feature is the lockable trigger for continuous spraying, so you don’t need to keep your hand squeezed on the trigger which again is great for reducing hand and finger fatigue.
  • There is a storage slot in the handle to store the wand in a horizontal position when not in use and you will need to check each season that all the connections and seals are in perfect working condition.
  • In addition, if the 5 litre sprayer is not the right fit for you, then you can choose a 1 litre, 2 litre, 8 litre or even a 15 litre sprayer instead (or even a twin 5 litre pack)


✔️ Low price entry for a great bit of kit

✔️ Can be used for several roles includes herbicide, pesticide and paint application

✔️ Made from solid parts from a reliable brand

✔️ Comes in a variety of sizes – 1L, 2L, 5L, 8L and 15L to fit your needs

✔️ The container comes translucent, making it easier to see how much liquid is left

✔️ The container is clearly marked making it easy to make up your desired mix


❌ Fluid pressure can be temperamental at times, but generally speaking, it is suitable adequate

❌ Suitable for small jobs only but would become too much work for larger areas requiring treatment

❌ Some of the parts are flimsy and overtime would become susceptible to cracking

❌ Thicker solutions containing particles would have a tendency to clog up the pipes

❌ Only thin water-based paints can be used as opposed to thicker emulsions which will block and clog up at the nozzle

Clear instructions itemised on the back of the container

Benefit of the twin pack

They also have a 5-litre twin pack, which is ideal for keeping various chemicals or fertilisers separate or dedicated to a single sprayer. When you need to water plants, spray weeds and pests, or even treat fences, a pressure sprayer like this comes in handy.

Ideally, buying two of these garden sprayers would afford you the luxury of keeping one for general garden work such as weed killing. That way it will remain unstained and then the second one can be used for painting.

The overall investment in getting a second one or the twin pack is sometimes available for less than £30 combined which to be fair, is a small price to pay for a little extra comfort.

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Spear and Jackson Pressure Sprayer 2 x 5L Garden Action Pressure Plant Spray Bottles

Our recommendation

Without a doubt, this is a great all-rounder for watering, weedkilling and light paint spraying. Robust enough to get the job done without costing a fortune. We recommend the 5-litre pressure sprayer as this is the most popular and versatile of the range.

This 5-litre pressure sprayer is ideal for those wanting to carry out small amounts of spraying. It is made from tough and durable, but still lightweight, plastic. This sprayer comes with a fully adjustable nozzle that will go from a fine cone to a full jet by turning it.

It also has a built-in pressure relief valve to make sure you do not exceed the maximum pressure.

For doing larger areas it has a handy trigger lock and shoulder strap.

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In conclusion

It is perfect for general garden use such as watering plants and spraying weeds and it can handle a wide range of products that can be mixed in as long as the PH is from 5 to 9.

Using it for spraying fences is more difficult though as the texture needs to be watered down or use a thinner water-based garden fence paint only as thicker paints tend to clog up the pipes and the nozzle.

If your intention is to buy a sprayer for fences, then you should skip the 5LPAPS and use the 5LPAPSWOOD instead.

Overall for weed killing off your lawn and driveway, there is no better garden sprayer than the Spear and Jackson brand of garden sprayers.


What products can be used with this sprayer?

This sprayer can be used to spray soluble based products such as herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers and insecticides.

How long are the hose and the wand?

The length of this hose is 1.3m long and the length of the wand lance is 56cm.

What PH values are permitted with this pressure sprayer?

The recommended PH value needs to be from 5 to 9.

Can I get a 5-litre sprayer for painting wood?

Yes, but you need to make sure that the code you use is 5LPAPSWOOD (not 5LPAPS)

Is it possible for this to spray paint on fences that have faded?

It will be acceptable as long as the paint combination is a thin water-based fence paint. After the painting process is finished, you’ll need to spend time cleaning and rinsing out all of the paint remnants in the pipes, which is easier said than done. Instead, acquire the twin pack to handle many tasks.