As spring approaches and the growing season has truly begun, many property developers, investors, landlords, and homeowners are on the watch for Japanese knotweed property damage and the serious damage it may wreak upon their properties.

If it appears and is not addressed quickly, it can cause significant structural damage as well as dramatic property devaluations, making it nearly impossible to sell or buy your property.

There are many reasons why Japanese knotweed should be removed from your garden, not least of which is the damage it can cause to your property. Japanese knotweed property damage is on the rise and with it devaluing a property by as much as 20% then it needs to be dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Japanese knotweed is without a doubt one of the most aggressive non-native plants on our shores, and if the structural challenges it can bring weren’t enough, the plant also has legal implications.

If it is allowed to spread to neighbouring properties or is dug up and not properly disposed of, it can result in criminal charges, fines, and possibly more. All of this makes it critical to deal with Japanese knotweed as soon as it is discovered on a property.

Japanese knotweed lifecycle

In the autumn, Japanese knotweed appears to die off, and those who have been battling it may believe it is gone forever. Unfortunately, this is not the case. It’s a perennial plant that will come back to life once the weather warms and the light shines again, allowing it to continue its rapid development.

By the time summer arrives, shoots with little, crimson leaves begin to develop, like bamboo shoots. If left to grow, they will reach a height of almost two metres and obliterate everything in their path.

If what’s going on above ground is troublesome — which it is – the situation underground is just as bad, if not worse. Japanese knotweed has a deep and extensive root structure that can grow through fissures in property walls and cause harm when the roots stretch in search of nutrients and moisture.

It can also obstruct pipes and everything else underground near these houses, generating a slew of issues that will be tough to remedy until the weed is eradicated completely.

Japanese knotweed property damage to you and your neighbours property
Japanese knotweed property damage to you and your neighbour’s property

Removal of Japanese knotweed

The problem is that many people think they can deal with this plant on their own. After all, it is just a weed, so how hard can it be to get rid of Japanese knotweed? Very hard, is the answer.

No amount of weed killer will get rid of it and digging it out of the ground where it’s shooting up most likely won’t also kill it off. The roots will almost certainly still be elsewhere in the ground and will send up new shoots to take the place of what’s cut down.

The only real answer to this knotty problem is to call in professional contractors who will use potent herbicides and specialist dig-out methods to ensure the weed is killed off and stays that way.

It makes sense in terms of time, effort and money, and will prevent you from getting into trouble with the law if your Japanese knotweed spreads to neighbouring properties.

With the best Japanese knotweed eradication firms also providing solid, insurance-backed guarantees for up to 10 years, now you can have peace of mind.

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