The Japanese knotweed’s defiance to grow beyond any boundary and leaving on its trail significant damage to the environment, property and structures elevate it as one of the world’s most invasive species.

The mere sight of the presence of Japanese knotweed growing on a property is enough to strike dread into the heart of the landowner. Its fast-growing nature suggests that it can rapidly take full control of the land and cause unprecedented havoc. 

To permanently get rid of Japanese knotweed is not an easy ask of anyone as the process requires patience, and the application of multi-pronged methods to achieve full eradication of this highly invasive weed plant.

Notably, the Japanese knotweed survey is an important activity to help any person or entity facing this unrelenting menace of Japanese knotweed infestation on their property.

To this end, selecting an appropriate and credible company to do a Japanese knotweed survey can be a big ask for any person if they do not have prior information as to the performance standards established by such a company.

The subsequent section of this article will dwell on the best Japanese knotweed survey and support it in the UK with supportive facts as to why it stands out.

Japanese knotweed easily spreads into your neighbour's property - a Japanese Knotweed survey will be required
Japanese knotweed easily spreads into your neighbour’s property – a Japanese Knotweed survey will be required

Knotweed Services (UK) Ltd

When it comes to Japanese knotweed survey, removal and control within the UK, this particular company stands tall above the rest.

The company offers professional services ranging from the identification, conducting of surveys and treatment of Japanese knotweed that suits each individual as per their needs.

Knotweed Services (UK) Ltd offers professional services ranging from the identification, conducting of surveys and treatment of Japanese knotweed that suits each individual as per their needs.

  1. Value for Money

Value for money is an aspect that makes a client feel that his/her needs have been met in accordance with the money spent. Sometimes, the removal costs for Japanese knotweed are not as cheap therefore it is important that the client is satisfied with the quality of the work and the promised results.

Based on the foregoing, Knotweed Services Ltd unlike other removal companies offers extra services for both commercial and domestic removal of the weed plant. Some of these services include:

  1. Occasionally providing free surveys
  2. Helping in the identification of the Japanese knotweed
  3. Exquisite customer care services and other support functions to cater for the client’s needs.
  • Results-oriented

Knotweed Services Ltd is the type of company that definitely walks the talk. This is evident from the positive reviews from previous customers on the work done over the last decade.

For instance, the company on its website reports that it has done over 5,000 successful removal projects of the Japanese knotweed in and around the United Kingdom.

It is also reported that there have been 100% successful sales on properties that were riddled with Japanese knotweed but subjected to treatment.

In addition, the company through its website has projected positive reviews from customers across various areas praising the good work done thus making it a top brand trustworthy entity.

  • Certified and approved

Knotweed Services UK (Ltd) has been backed by the Property Care Association (PCA) as a top brand company with reputable business practices and code in their areas of operation including those that are in the Japanese knotweed service industry.

The application process for this body is always thorough and each detail goes through a fine-tooth comb. 

Additionally, by accepting membership in the CPA, a company is obligated to always follow firm standards that have been put in place to guarantee quality maintenance in service delivery. The PCA also keeps tabs on the approved contractors and ensures that their work is meticulous.

How much does Japanese property devalue property is one of the biggest questions being asked by property owners
How much Japanese property devalues property is one of the biggest questions being asked by property owners.
  • Trustable insurance surety

Once the company has been contracted to deal with Japanese knotweed infestation on your property, they offer a 10-year period insurance-backed guarantee as a part of their commitment to satisfying the client’s needs.

What this means is that should there be a re-growth within the stipulated time of insurance; any costs arising, as a result, will be covered by the company. This allows the clients to have peace of mind without having to worry about extra costs accruing as a result of any new infestation.

Under the insurance guarantee, the company is able to conduct an inspection on a quarterly basis to identify if there is any potential re-growth within an area that has been subjected to treatment within the first 12 months.

Annual site visits and detailed reports are also part of the insurance guarantee. This meticulous mode of business operation makes this company make the cut as the best Japanese knotweed survey and support in the UK.

  • Business transparency

Most removal companies will hide certain costs that they will only reveal once a client has come on board and this may affect the relationship between the two parties.

Knotweed Services Ltd creates trust in their clients’ by making open all the costs that they will accrue in the event that they chose to contract them for the removal of the weed plant.

Such transparency builds a good working relationship that goes a long way in making work easier for both parties involved in a contractual agreement.

Equally, there are no negative accountability cases that have arisen as regards the way a client’s money is being used by the company. This, in effect, means that your money will be used to serve your needs for Japanese knotweed control and removal.

Buying a house with Japanese knotweed encroaching it can lead to huge problems if not dealt with sooner rather than later
Buying a house with Japanese knotweed encroaching can lead to huge problems if not dealt with sooner rather than later


Japanese knotweed survey and support services companies are the gateways to completely eradicating this invasive weed plant because of the meticulous effort that is put in place to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Notably, with a caring company that is passionate about its work like Knotweed Services Ltd Company, any person can rest assured that once they have contacted them to deal with the eradication of this invasive weed plant, they can sit back and wait for actual positive results.

Lastly, this analysis is not cast in stone, you can still find companies that can offer equally effective services across the UK and this should not stop you from considering and weighing in on the services.

Want to know more about a Japanese knotweed survey?

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Governmental advice can be found here and the UK law covering the removal of Japanese Knotweed as stated under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 can be found here.

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