Japanese knotweed is a pesky plant that can grow quickly and spread through the ground, making it difficult to remove.

The question of whether or not you should consider buying land with Japanese knotweed on it often arises when looking for a property – but is there really any harm in doing so?

Is it worth buying a property with Japanese knotweed?

Selling a property with Japanese knotweed isn’t easy, but can nevertheless be accomplished if the right steps are taken and the right individual is involved. Japanese knotweed tends to be most often found in fields that have not been fully tended to.

It invades the entire garden with a thick coating of leaves, which prevents the weeds from growing. Japanese knotweed can also grow on the side of walls and on fences as well as on the lawn.

There are three main factors that people should take into consideration when deciding whether or not to buy land with knotweed.

The first factor is location. Land that has been infested with knotweed must be reseeded immediately to prevent the weed from spreading. The second factor is the type of soil, the garden is in.

There are several different types of soil that are best suited for various types of garden plants so taking this into account will help one determine whether or not they should buy land with knotweed.

Finally, people should consider the ultimate aim of their garden project and make sure that the knotweed isn’t going to completely take over their garden before they complete the job.

Buying land with Japanese knotweed need not be daunting if managed correctly
Buying land with Japanese knotweed need not be daunting if managed correctly

Properties with Japanese knotweed

Auctions for land with Japanese knotweed can take place on all types of properties including homes, businesses and schools. In general, the faster, more lucrative the transaction, the less likely you’re likely to find a property with Japanese knotweed.

However, on slow-moving, less profitable transactions, the more likely you are to find a property with the invasive plant.

If you’re buying land with Japanese knotweed, chances are good that you will experience some degree of damage from it. The first type of damage is to the grass. The top layer of soil may die, leaving the root system very weak and susceptible to damage from weeds.

This is why mortgage lenders may require you to get rid of the grass before you can put your house up for sale.

There are two other categories that you should be aware of. In category 3, the top layer of soil will need to be dug up and turned over at least four times. This will cause secondary damage to your grass. If your grass is in category 4, this will be the extent of your lawn damage.

Lawn damage in Japanese Knotweed categories may range from mild to severe.

It is difficult to answer this without looking at the records of local and national surveys. It would be a shame to ignore the advice of your mortgage broker though. You can find mortgage brokers who can specialise in buying land with Japanese knotweed and other invasive species that have already been on them or are in the process of being treated.

These brokers know where the deals are and how to find them, and are often happy to help you.

Any parcel of land can fall victim to the grip of <a href=
Any parcel of land can fall victim to the grip of Japanese knotweed. Once there, little else exists

Seek professional advice

There is one way to avoid the damage caused by invasive weeds: get a professional soil analysis and test the ground before you begin digging. It is possible to find free soil tests on the Internet or through your local garden centre.

If you get an accurate soil analysis and the soil testing confirms the presence of Japanese knotweed, you could find your mortgage application rejected.

Your final step is to have your soil tested again. A reputable soil specialist can analyse the site for a premium price and tell you whether the knotweed will grow there, and whether it will be invasive or not.

If not invasive, you could then apply for a Japanese knotweed Mortgage. It is possible to have your mortgage application approved if the specialist has assessed your site correctly, however, some mortgage lenders will still refuse to lend if the Knotweed has not been eradicated.

A specialist is essential in these circumstances as they will be able to advise you and explain the complicated legal issues involved in taking control of the property with a weed killer.

Want to know more about buying land with Japanese Knotweed?

Knotweed Removal aims to provide the most up-to-date information, help and advice for YOU to make informed decisions. If you are unsure or uncertain about how to proceed, please reach out to us and we will gladly come back and advise you as best we can.

Governmental advice can be found here and the UK law covering the removal of Japanese Knotweed as stated under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 can be found here.

The best means to contact us is via our email – hello@knotweedremoval.tips

Do not forget we have a library of blogs covering many areas relevant to Japanese Knotweed, our free downloadable How-to Guides and Product Reviews on the latest methods being employed to eradicate or remove Japanese Knotweed.

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