Will Japanese knotweed devalue my house? Absolutely

The growth of Japanese knotweed anywhere near your house is bad news. The minute you spot this weed plant starts to spread within where you live, this should be a big cause for concern.

So, the question being asked by many ‘will Japanese knotweed devalue my house?’ is evident from the outset when you discover it on your property. Yes.

The ferocity of the Japanese knotweed damage is highly extensive to property, buildings, and gardens if not controlled at the early stages of its growth. If are wondering how the presence of Japanese knotweed will devalue your house, the next section highlights this:


Most property owners care about the surrounding serenity of the building before buying. A good serenity would naturally have green vegetation, flowers and beautiful plants just to name a few.

This means that when you take away such an element that most people feel attached to as part of their life, they will most likely move off from such a place and this is exactly what Japanese knotweed does.

The invasion of this weed plant is so aggressive that it tends to get rid of the natural vegetation of a place and the native plant species may as well be made extinct.

A fully developed Japanese knotweed plant can grow up to 12 feet high and, as such, can become a menace when its leaves grow large.

The surrounding vegetation stands no chance of thriving in such a harsh environment dominated by the weed plant hence in the long run, leading to the property depreciating in value.

Will Japanese knotweed devalue my house is clearly evident from the outset
Will Japanese knotweed devalue my house is clearly evident from the outset

Reduced space

Most houses will have a small garden or play area that is important for relaxation and playing outdoor games with family members/friends.

However, once Japanese knotweed attacks, this play area will be under threat of infestation. This weed plant has no reservations about the area to attack and expand its territory.

Based on the fact that once the weed plant develops it becomes very dense and domineering over other plants below it, the garden space that you so cherished soon becomes a host to this weed plant denying you the chance to enjoy activities in and around it.

With the reduction in size, the value of the property also reduces significantly. If you intended to sell such a house, you will have to do it at a reduced price as compared to when the weed plant was not present.

Interior Damage

The interior of the house usually is decorated to make a house more appealing. You may use paintings, flowers or whatever material you are comfortable with to achieve this goal.

However, Japanese knotweed can also attack the interior of your house through tiny cracks leading to the house and set camp within your very own house.

If you entertain this weed plant to continue inhabiting the inner part of the house, it may lead to damage to the wall paint, your interior décor etcetera.

If you do not get rid of the weed plant that attacks the interior of the house, this spells doom on the value of the property as its price on the job may reduce to your detriment.

Japanese knotweed growing through the cracks and fissures of concrete
Japanese knotweed growing through the cracks and fissures of concrete

Mortgage lenders

Mortgage lending institutions are often reluctant to lend their money to a person intending to buy a house that is under the attack of the Japanese knotweed.

Based on the destructive nature of this weed plant, these lenders are fearful that one may not be able to repay the money because the property is likely to depreciate on its value rather than appreciate.

Therefore, to get a loan, one must ensure that the property to be bought is not under such a threat of infestation by the weed plant.

As a house owner, the consequences of not getting someone to buy your house, in the event that you are selling, means that you either accept low payment from the buyer or struggle to find a buyer.


Japanese knotweed presence in a house may force you as a home-owner to constantly do some repairs where damage has occurred as a result of the weed plant.

For instance, where there is a boundary fence that is not strong enough, this means that when the weed plant starts growing in such a fence, soon or later, it will eventually overwhelm such a fence based on the ferocious nature of the weed plant and this can cause its collapse.

This, in return, would require constant repairs to be done. Repairs are also necessary where the weed plant has caused cracks within the joints of houses.

Equally, the weed can damage the driveways when it grows in between the blocks forming the driveways necessitating that repairs are done.

All these activities are wearisome and such constant repairs may lead to the value of the property reducing because of the wear and tear aspect which results.

The spread of Japanese knotweed will spread beyond your property and cause legal issues
The spread of Japanese knotweed will spread beyond your property and cause legal issues

Underground structures

For houses that have underground structures such as water piping systems, electrical cabling, water drainage systems or telephone/internet connections, it is possible to find the weed plant entangled with these components and lead to damage.

Sometimes the channels where such components pass can be blocked by the weed plant completely and this can cause further problems that may need extra costs to solve.

Conclusion – will Japanese knotweed devalue my house?

Recent studies show that the presence of Japanese knotweed in an area causes the value of the property in that area to depreciate depreciates based on the invasive nature of the weed and the unprecedented damage that is likely to result.

Additionally, very few people will invest in a property that does not guarantee good serenity, peace, and quiet free of an invasive weed such as the Japanese knotweed.

To this end, it is evident that Japanese knotweed greatly leads to the reduction of the value of the house regardless of its location that it is located.

This means that whenever you notice the growth of this weed plant whenever you live, you must concentrate all effort towards ensuring that you tame the weed plant from spreading any further and guaranteeing that the value of your house remains intact.

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