Top 7 Best Weed Killer for Block Paving

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Weeds can grow in the most inconvenient of places. Even a well-kept block paving driveway can’t keep weeds at bay.

In this buyers guide we examine the best weed killer for block paving and which ones out of a huge range of weed killers will get the job done.

While there is no permanent answer to weed growth, weed killers have always proven to be helpful, at least for a few months. Some weed killers for drives and paths are effective at eradicating weeds above the surface, but the finest weed killers for drives and paths eliminate weeds at the root, ensuring that these unwelcome plants never return.

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– Best Overall – Roundup 5-litre Fast Action Weedkiller Pump n Go Spray

The Roundup 5 Litre Fast Action Weedkiller Pump n Go Spray, which is our overall best weed killer for block paving in terms of simplicity of use and effectiveness, demonstrates its power.

Check it out below before we move on to some of the other fantastic options, which include ready-to-use weed killers and concentrates that you mix with water to treat a broad area at a lower cost. Remember that all weed killers should always be administered with a garden sprayer rather than a watering can, which is inefficient.

Our Top Pick

Roundup 5 Litre Fast Action Weedkiller Pump n Go Spray

This product is fast-acting, kills weeds and the roots, and allows replanting within the shortest time possible.

  • Delivers viable results within only 48 hours
  • Comes with a lance and spray nozzle for use straight out of the box
  • Eliminates both annual and perennial weeds meaning they don’t grow back
  • Degraded in the soil by micro-organisms, thus allowing replanting if needed thereafter

Our Top 7 Best Weed Killer for Block Paving Reviewed by Us

  1. Roundup 5 Litre Fast Action Weed Killer Pump n Go Sprayer
  2. Elixir Gardens Gallup Glyphosate Commercial Strength Weed Killer
  3. Resolva 24H Ready to Use Power Pump Weed Killer
  4. Roundup Ultra Weed Killer Concentrate Bottle
  5. Deadfast Concentrate Weed Killer
  6. Weedol Rootkill Plus Weed Killer
  7. Resolva Path and Patio Ready to Use Weed Killer

Choosing the Best Block Paving Weed Killer

The type of weed you want in your garden is important, but that’s not all. Here are some more considerations to help you choose the best herbicide for your garden:

When to use

There is no set period for using Roundup weed killer; it can be applied at any time; this is the most significant advantage of utilising Roundup.

However, spray when leaves are actively growing since leaves are necessary for weed killer absorption. To avoid drift into cultivated plants, use during regular weather.

Before applying it to your weeds, carefully check the weather conditions because it should not rain for at least 6 hours after application.

If rainwater mixes with a weed killer solution and dissolves it, the weed killer’s effectiveness is reduced. Finally, the result will not be what you had hoped for.

To get the best results, perennial weeds can be treated at the onset of flowering. If required, repeat the treatment.

Where to use the

Weeds should be kept out of the block paving and other areas such as walkways, roads, hard surfaces, patios, tarmac, gravel areas, and lawn edging.

It can also be used to remove weeds from the ground before planting flowers, trees, vegetables, and bushes.

It’s also used to rehabilitate weed-infested areas. If you don’t want to kill your plants and lawns, don’t use them over there.

Seasonal Use

Some weed killers are more effective in certain situations. In the winter, a weed killer that should be applied in the summer may not be effective. With that in mind, plan your weed control ahead of time and read the label to determine when to use the weed killer.

Effectiveness of the product

While the labels on weed killer containers suggest their efficacy, user evaluations can typically tell the truth. Make it a point to read through a few to see how successful your chosen product is. Amazon is fantastic for this because there are generally a lot of reviews to read, and some people may have found a weed killer that works well for a weed you’re having trouble killing.

Liquid vs. granular herbicides

Do you prefer a weed killer that is liquid or granular?

Herbicides in liquid form are designed to be sprayed with a sprayer. Make a point of checking out the best garden sprayers if you don’t already have one. To improve the efficiency of your weed killer, make sure to spray it evenly throughout the target area. Liquid weed killers are most effective while weeds are actively growing, which is between April and September.

Liquid weed killers are still available in two forms: ready-to-use straight from the bottle and concentrates that must be diluted with water before use.

On rainy days, avoid using liquid weed killers because the chemicals will be washed away, rendering the exercise worthless.

Granular weed killers are fine for use on lawns, but they are not recommended for use on block paving and paths. This is because it can be difficult to reach targeted weeds, and you’ll need to cover the entire block paving in granules for the exercise to be effective, which is just not a smart idea; the only reason we mention it is to warn you against it.

If you’re working on your roads, walks, or block pavement, stick to liquid weed killers. You have the option of using ready-to-use herbicides or weed killer concentrates. If you have a large block paving area, buying a concentrate and mixing it yourself would be a better option.

Risk and safety

  • Keep the product away from food and drink.
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Keep the product in the original container; don’t shift to other containers at any cost
  • Read the label carefully before trying to use the product
  • Dispose of the container to recycling centres
  • If medical help is needed, have the label or product container at hand

Take a look at some of the examples below; we’ve found 7 different weed killers that will work well on block paving, making it much easier to choose one.

Weed Killer for Block Paving Buyers Guide

We have taken the time to use each weed killer and research how each one can benefit you. Our Buyers Guide helps narrow this search down to the essential products listed below:

1. Roundup 5 Litre Fast Action Weed Killer Pump n Go Spray


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Roundup Fast Action Weed Killer Pump ‘N Go Ready To Use Spray
Roundup Fast Action Weed Killer Pump ‘N Go Ready To Use Spray

Quick overview: This weed killer acts fast on unwanted weeds giving 10 minutes of continuous spraying and is ready to use with no mixing needed, it is safe with children and pets once dry, and it’s not harmful to the soil so any borders around your block paving can still be planted afterwards. Perfect for those who want a weed killer they can use out the box.

The Roundup 5 Litre Fast Action Weedkiller Pump n Go Spray is a popular product among gardeners, and it piqued our interest. This weed killer is designed to destroy weeds at the root, preventing them from growing again for the most part.

It’s a multi-purpose herbicide that kills dandelions, nettles, docks, bindweed, thistles, and ground elder, among other annual and perennial weeds.

Roundup states that the 5L option has the longest spray action compared to other ready-to-use weed killers on the market, with up to 10 minutes of continuous spraying. This makes the weed killer a viable choice for treating big areas up to 150m2.

The herbicide is rapid-acting, as the name implies, and results can be seen in as little as two days. Furthermore, after treating your paths and block paving, you won’t have to chase your kids away from the treated area or lock yourself inside. This herbicide is safe for children and pets, albeit it must be allowed to dry after application.

The 5L container includes an extensible lance and nozzle that can be adjusted from jet to spray for efficient application. There’s no need to invest in a separate garden sprayer for this task.


✔️ Fast-acting weed killer that gives results within 2 days.

✔️ Good choice for treating large areas up to 150m2

✔️ Formulated to kill weeds completely from leaves down to the root, so they disappear for good

✔️ A multi-purpose weed killer that eradicates annual and perennial weed

✔️ Delivers up to 10 minutes of spray action from one touch, which is longer than the competition

✔️ Child and pet safe

✔️ Degrades naturally in the soil, thus will not harm the soil around your block paving

✔️ Equipped with an adjustable nozzle for convenient spraying

✔️ Has an extendable lance for easy application without bending too much

✔️ Breaks down in soil within 7 days


❌ Not effective on all types of weeds, including woody and tough weeds like horsetails, but we couldn’t locate a weed killer that could kill horsetails right immediately. However, we recommend using a weed killer specialised for brambles and repeating the treatment multiple times, as this should start to have an effect.

Our Recommendation

The Roundup 5 Litre Fast Action Weedkiller Pump n Go Spray is a superb weed killer for walkways, block paving, and patios. It kills weeds quickly and does not harm the soil, so you may still plant around the borders if any spray lands on them. Just note that if some spray lands on your plants, they will die.

Because the herbicide is not dangerous once dried, children and pets do not need to be kept away from sprayed areas, which is convenient for busy families. The supplied lance with an adjustable nozzle is a significant benefit for people searching for a weed killer they can use on a large block paving without having to mix and pour into a sprayer.

The one drawback we discovered with this weed killer is that it doesn’t destroy all types of weeds, especially the toughest ones like brambles and horsetails. As a result, if you’re looking for a better way to get rid of brambles, keep reading.

Otherwise, it’s a good value for the money and should appeal to the vast majority of people, which is why we gave it our ‘Best Pick’ designation.

2. Elixir Gardens 2 litre Gallup Home & Garden Glyphosate Commercial Strength Weed Killer


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Glyphosate 360 weedkiller
Glyphosate 360 weedkiller

Quick overview: It works through contact and eliminates various kinds of weeds. Be careful during application to avoid killing unwanted plants and have some patience for results to show. Another good choice for large areas and very effective.

Best for very large areas

This weed killer, according to Elixir Gardens, is the strongest in the UK, and we agree to a significant extent. To begin with, Gallup Home & Garden Glyphosate Commercial Strength Weed includes 360g/l glyphosate, which is the same formula as professional weed killers. This weed killer’s most striking feature is that it destroys weeds in only one application. It kills docks, nettles, grasses, willow Herb, bindweed, and dandelions, among other weeds.

The 2L container treats up to 3332 sq.m., though the size of the afflicted area will determine how much it is used. For those treating really vast areas, a litre can treat up to 0.5 of an acre. To get the most out of the concentrate, dilute it with 24ml per litre of water.

In the U.K for uncertified use without a chemical licence, offering great value while not reducing its strength. It’s effective on annual and perennial weeds and does not leave residue in the soil. Furthermore, it is pretty much affordable.

It’s a contact weed killer that begins acting as soon as the chemical comes into touch with undesirable plants. However, because it is a non-selective type, you must exercise caution when applying. Between Spring and Autumn is the best time to use the weed killer. It’s also worth noting that it only kills actively developing weeds and is ineffective against sprouting seedlings and dormant weeds.

Furthermore, the herbicide is inactivated when it comes into contact with soil and leaves no residues, allowing for replanting after only 7 days.

When utilising this herbicide, like with any other dangerous chemical, there are a few things to bear in mind. Apply in dry, calm conditions since elements like rain and wind might move the chemical to undesirable regions and kill other plants. Furthermore, until the weed killer has dried, you should avoid stepping on the treated areas, such as patios and walks. Any further warnings will be stated in the product’s handbook, so make sure to read it.


✔️ Strong herbicide containing 360g/l of glyphosate, which kills weeds effectively

✔️ The 2L bottle covers a relatively large area, thus offering good value for money

✔️ Eliminates many weed varieties including grasses, docks, willow herb, dandelion, and more

✔️ Treats hardy vines like Japanese Knotweed and Ivy

✔️ Suitable for more patio, block paving, and driveways

✔️ Inactivated upon contact with soil, thus allowing replanting to be done


❌ Slow results, which start to show within a few days up to a month

❌ Popular, so quite often out of stock

Our Recommendation

The Elixir Gardens Gallup Commercial Strength Weed works on a variety of weeds but users must be patient to see results. Previous buyers have it that it’s even more effective on tender plants than tough ones but this we expected.

It’s so powerful that it can handle even the most difficult problems like Japanese Knotweed and Ivy. If you have this problem, I would recommend utilising this product first and foremost.

If you have a large patch to clear, it will show significant evidence of killing most annual and perennial plants in about two weeks. Here’s an example of a ten-day therapy from someone who has used this product.

You should be a little careful when dealing with this product especially if you’ll be spraying near desired plants.

Overall this is an excellent and very popular weed killer without the fancy marketing on the container, if you have a large area to treat this is an excellent choice and will give good results.

3. Resolva 24H Ready to Use Power Pump Weed killer


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Resolva 5 Litre 24H Ready to Use Power Pump Weedkiller
Resolva 5 Litre 24H Ready to Use Power Pump Weedkiller

Quick overview: Resolva 24H weedkiller shows results within hours and it kills weeds right down to the root. It’s available in 1lL, 3L and 5L containers, therefore, the choice is yours. However, the 5-litre sprayer has half the time of continuous spray with 5 minutes but can treat a larger area according to the manufacture so we can only assume you walk over the area faster while still being effective. However, it is very effective with lots of very positive reviews online.

It also kills weeds down to the root and prevents them from growing again.

The Resolva 5 Litre 24 Hour Power Pump is ready to use. Weedkiller is a fantastic approach to get rid of weeds in huge gardens (patios and block paving included). It’s designed to destroy weeds from the root up, ensuring that these annoying plants don’t reappear for a long period. The product can treat up to 200m2 and gardeners can see benefits in as little as 24 hours, while some weeds may take up to two days to show effects.

It comes in a 5L container ready to use, just like the Round-Up equivalent, so there’s no need to dilute the liquid. There are also 1L, 3L, and 5L containers to pick from. For example, if you have a medium-sized area, say 40m2, the Resolva 3L weed killer will be enough.

The product includes Reslova’s Power Sprayer, which has a dual-action trigger for quick application and provides 5 minutes of regulated spraying.


✔️ Ready to use with included lance and treats 200m2

✔️ Delivers viable results within 24 hours

✔️ It kills weeds and roots, preventing them from coming back

✔️ Comes in 1L, 3L and 5L containers, so you can choose the ideal option for your job


❌ Some tougher weeds may not be effected

Our Recommendation

The Resolva 5 Litre 24 Hour Power Pump is ready to use. Weedkiller performs as expected and is particularly effective on dandelions. You can use compact spray bottles to treat smaller areas, but the 5L is ideal for areas larger than 200m2.

The product provides long-term results, allowing you to relax and enjoy strolling on attractive routes and roadways. It will not be successful on weedy, hard-to-kill weeds, just like other ready-to-use weed killers, so you’d be better off investing in a concentrate and mixing something stronger for brambles or similar.

4. Roundup Ultra Weed Killer Concentrate Bottle


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Professional weed killer solution to kill Japanese knotweed from your property
Professional weed killer solution to kill Japanese knotweed from your property

Quick overview: If you want to kill tougher weeds such as brambles and woody weeds on drives, paths, walls, fences, patios, and any weed-infested area in your garden, this weed killer is for you. It’s quite pricier though compared to the other products here but, it is perfect for those who have not has much success killing weeds with other weed killers.

The Roundup Ultra Weedkiller Concentrate Bottle is a super concentrated composition that is ideal for eradicating weeds from our block paving, walkways, and patios. It can also be used to eliminate weeds from around buildings, fences, trees, and plants.

The product works in a methodical and non-selective manner. That implies it can destroy any plant in its area, and it does so by moving through the plant’s transport system and killing every part of it, both above and below ground.

It’s an efficient weed killer for eradicating annual and deep-rooted perennial weeds that other weed killers could miss. To apply the herbicide to the desired areas, use a garden sprayer. A watering can with a fine hose also work, but it will likely not reach as far.

Plants like brambles, nettles, Japanese knotweed, bracken, tree saplings, and other woody weeds can’t stand the strength of this weed killer, so if you’ve tried other weed killers and seen no results, this is definitely what you need.

Within 48 hours of treatment, yellowing of leaves and stems may emerge, although this is simply the first indicator of action. The actual action takes place on the inside, in a technique that guarantees the weeds won’t return for a long time.

Because the weed killer Roundup Concentrate is destroyed in the soil by microorganisms, replanting and sowing can be done after a few days. As with other weed killers, keep children and pets out of treated areas until the herbicide has dried.

While some weed killers might be limited to use in particular areas, this one will eliminate weeds on paths, block paving, walls, fences, tarmac, paving, and anywhere. It is also degraded in soil by micro-organisms but it’s great for harder to kill weeds like brambles and nettles.


✔️ Great solution to killing deep-rooted perennial weeds and woody weeds other weed killers have not been effective

✔️ Can treat large areas of weeds

✔️ Gives quick results within 48 hours

✔️ Degrades in the soil to allow replanting and sowing

✔️ Ideal for use all around the garden including on patios, block paving, paths, walls, and fences


❌ A bit expensive than most other weed killers but you get what you paid for with weed killers

Our Recommendation

The Roundup Ultra Weedkiller Concentrate Bottle is ideal for a variety of weed-killing chores in the garden, and it’s particularly efficient in regions where other weed killers have failed.

It destroys weeds above and below ground, preventing them from regrowing after a few weeks.

We think the Roundup Ultra Weed Killer is a wonderful choice for use in the garden in general, but especially for heavy woody weeds like brambles.

5. Deadfast Concentrated Weed Killer


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Deadfast Concentrated Weed Killer
Deadfast Concentrate Weed Killer

Quick overview: This is a systematic, non-selective herbicide that is affordable and easy to use as it comes in sachets. It’s especially good for very woody weeds which are ready to use weedkillers simply cannot kill, however it does take 7-14 days to see results. Will even kill tree stumps.

Individual sachets of this powerful herbicide are available in a variety of sizes, including 6, 12, and 18-piece sachets. One sachet can cover up to 60 square metres. The one we have here is the 12 x 100 mL Deadfast Concentrated Weedkiller Sachets, and if you do the arithmetic, you’ll see that the area you can treat is 720 square metres, which makes it ideal for long roads.

It works by diluting the concentrate with water, but you may still use it directly from the sachet to kill stubborn woody plants, thus it would be good for killing horsetail if used that way. It is a glyphosate ammonium salt weed killer that is used in a systematic manner. Once the herbicide is taken by undesirable plants, sap transports it throughout the plant system, down to the root, where it begins to function. Patience is required because the effects are obvious in 1-2 weeks, but this is the price you pay for outstanding results.

Because the Deadfast weed killer is non-selective, you should use caution while using it to avoid killing desirable plants. Dandelion, brambles, chickweed, thistles, tumbleweed, crabgrass, and orchard grass, on the other hand, deserve no pity. The solution is designed to eliminate weeds from patios, roads, walkways, and other weed-infested areas. The good news is that spraying borders to kill weeds before planting new plants enables for sowing and replanting of chosen species.

Between April and September is the best time to use this potent weed killer. Weeds are actively growing at this time and can absorb the weedkiller to the roots.


✔️ Can be used mixed with water for the usual weeds or undiluted for hard to kill weeds.

✔️ Works on many kinds of weeds including tough woody weeds most other ready to use weed killers won’t even touch. 

✔️ Kills unwanted plants from the roots through systematic action, making sure they don’t grow again.

✔️ Easy to use the supplied individual sachets for easy measuring. 

✔️ Fairly priced weed killer meaning you can treat a very large area at a very affordable price. 


❌ A bit slow to work and see visible results

Our Recommendation

Well, if you have enough patience and need excellent results that last, then Deadfast Concentrated Weedkiller Sachets is your best match. 14 days are quite a long time to wait for a small investment to pay dividends and that might be the major drawback of this product.

We still give the weed killer marks for systematic action, which ensures the weed dies from the root. Overall, a good weed killer at affordable pricing but be sure to use it when the weeds are actually growing for best results.

6. Weedol Rootkill Plus Weed Killer


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Weedol Rootkill Plus weed Killer 5L with Sprayer
Weedol Rootkill Plus weed Killer 5L with Sprayer

Quick overview: This is a systematic, non-selective herbicide. A total weedkiller for all broad-leaved weeds and grass kills all weeds to the roots and is used to treat weeds on drives, block paving, paths, patios and around the garden.

Here we have our first product, the Weedol Rootkill weed killer, which is capable of destroying weeds at their roots, causing them to struggle to regrow. This weed killer has a one-of-a-kind dual-action composition that kills weeds at their roots while acting quickly. If the plant’s roots are destroyed, it won’t be able to regrow as quickly.

The best aspect is that you’ll see immediate effects in as little as 24 hours; you’ll be able to see if it works and go on to other weeds right away.

This product stands out since it comes with a battery-operated spray sprayer that doesn’t require any pumping to release the substance. All you have to do is press the trigger button on the lance, and you’ll be able to spray continually.

Please remember that because this weed killer is poisonous, you must keep your pet and youngsters out of reach when applying it and until it dries.


✔️ Available in several sizes – 3L and 5L.

✔️ The spray feature makes it much easier to use.

✔️ It dries very quick making it pet and child safe.

✔️ It contains the battery operated sprayer for ease of application.

✔️ Visible results within 24 hours.


❌ A bit slow to work and see visible results

Our Recommendation

The Weedol Rootkill ensures that weeds are eliminated from the roots, preventing or reducing weeds from retaking control of your block paving. With a 5L option, you can reuse it multiple times, allowing you to be more liberal with it.

The applicator lance is by far the greatest aspect of this product; it’s simple to use and battery-operated, and all you have to do is push the trigger button to apply it; no need to spray it manually. The spray characteristics ensure that you do not touch the substance and make it easier to use in general. This product also dries quite quickly, allowing your children and dogs to go outside much sooner than with a regular weed killer.

7. Resolva Path and Patio Ready to Use Weed Killer


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Resolva Path and Patio Ready To Use Weed Killer

Quick overview: Contains sensitizing substances to work fast and kill the stubbornest of block paving weeds. The formula breaks down naturally leaving no residue and covers a reasonable area for an affordable 1L container.

The Resolva Path is the product for you if you’ve been seeking a product that has been developed by reputable makers and is available at a reasonable price. This product offers a special mix that may naturally break down weeds.

The Resolva can destroy weeds in as little as 24 hours, and the results are obvious right away. Docks, nettles, dandelions, bindweed, grasses, and a variety of other permanent garden weeds can all be killed using this weed killer.

The wide-angle spray makes it simple for consumers to cover a greater area; it is specifically prepared for patios, walkways, and even driveways, making it more than suited for block paving.

This device also has a stream spray option that you can pick by simply moving the nozzle, and one of the functions is also a locking option.

This inexpensive tiny 1L container may cover up to 35 square metres.


✔️ Very affordable product compared to other weed killers.

✔️ The effects of the weed killer are visible in as little as 24 hours.

✔️ It kills both the weed that is visible and its root system, preventing it from growing again.

✔️ The formula relies on natural ingredients, so it’s broken down and won’t leave a residue.

✔️ The 1L bottle is capable of a 35 sq.m coverage.


❌ Several applications may be needed to eliminate all but the stubborn weeds.

❌ Harmful to aquatic life with long-lasting effects.

Our Recommendation

We chose it for a few reasons: first, it offers excellent value for money given the amount of coverage you can get from a small 1L container; second, it’s designed to work well on patios and walks, making it an excellent choice for your block paving.

In Conclusion

Weeds that grow on our block paving can be difficult to eradicate, but specialised herbicides can aid in their eradication and prevention of regrowth. We’d like to think that this in-depth analysis has given you enough information to make an informed decision on the best weed killer for block paving and walkways.

The best weed killer for block paving, in our opinion, should target undesired weeds without harming desirable plants or the soil. However, as you’ve seen, some weed killers may require your presence to guarantee everything is in order. We hope you find a product that meets your expectations.

In our buyers guide we have tried to narrow down the choice to both budget and size of the area to be treated. Hence out of the many dozens of weed killers on the market we have selected the top 7 weed killers for block paving.