Effective treatment requires a multi-pronged approach that will need more than one attack.

Removing Japanese Knotweed by Spraying Weedkiller

Step 1: Cut down and remove the canes. Japanese knotweed will not regrow from cut canes, so it is important to trim down as many as you can. Use loppers to cut off the canes as close to the ground as possible, then remove the cut pieces from your lawn or garden.

Step 2: Apply glyphosate weed killer. Glyphosate weedkiller, like Roundup, can help you get rid of Japanese knotweed. Take care to apply it only to the weeds, as it will kill nearly any vegetation it touches. Spray the weedkiller onto the plants immediately after cutting down the canes.

If the knotweed has invaded your garden to the point where you cannot spray weedkiller for fear of ruining other plants, paint a glyphosate gel on the individual canes and leaves instead.

Step 3: Wait 7 days before pulling the weeds after using weedkiller. After applying glyphosate, do not disturb the plants for at least 7 days. This gives the herbicide time to penetrate the root zone of the plant. Avoid cutting the canes or mowing down the plant for a week. Then, pull out and remove all the dead knotweed, taking care to dig out the deep roots with a pitchfork as well.

Step 4: Mow the plants down weekly. If you continually cut the remaining above-ground portions of Japanese knotweed, the plant may weaken and die. To remove remaining or regrown weeds, mow the plants down as short as possible each week to help kill them off.

Step 5: Reapply glyphosate several times. Unfortunately, using glyphosate once will not eradicate a Japanese knotweed infestation. It is recommended that you apply glyphosate weedkiller twice per year: late spring/early summer and again in the early fall.

Spraying Japanese knotweed in autumn and other unwanted weeds with glyphosate herbicide

Step 6: Contact a professional if all else fails. Japanese knotweed can be quite difficult to remove, so do not get discouraged if your attempts fail to eradicate it completely. Do an Internet search for companies that specialise in removing this stubborn weed and ask them to inspect your property and give you an estimate for removal. Though this will be an expenditure you may of not been planning, many companies guarantee their work, making it a worthwhile expense.

Removing Japanese Knotweed by Burning it

Removing Japanese Knotweed by Burying it

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