Rootblast Super Strength Weed Killer Review

In our search for an effective weed killer, we recently tried Rootblast. We found this concentrated formula to be a formidable opponent to persistent garden weeds. With its high concentration of glyphosate, this weed killer boasts the ability to take on a wide variety of weeds. More importantly, it tackles them right down to the root, ensuring they don’t make an unwanted comeback.

What we particularly appreciate about Rootblast is its simplicity in application. Mixing the product with water and applying it to the troubled areas with a sprayer is straightforward. Coverage-wise, a single 1-litre bottle goes a long way, capable of treating an area up to 1,666 square meters, which is perfect for those with larger plots to tend to.

Rootblast - Super Strength Weed Killer

Although patience is required—a number of users mentioned it took between 4 to 14 days for the weeds to begin wilting—it’s reassuring to see the weeds turning brown and diminishing over time. Some users pointed out that the potency may fluctuate, requiring a stronger mix than previous versions, and care should be taken as it can affect the surrounding vegetation indistinctly.

Bottom Line

Our collective experience with Rootblast leaves us confident in its capabilities. This weed killer represents a practical choice for those needing to manage large areas without the fuss of frequent reapplications. With effective results and a generous coverage area, it’s a robust option for maintaining a pristine garden.

If you’re seeking a steadfast solution to weed invasion, consider taking action with Rootblast today. Get your bottle now and declare victory over weeds for a cleaner, more beautiful outdoor space.

Overview: Rootblast | Super Strength Concentrated Total Weed Killer

In our experience, Rootblast proves to be a robust solution for those pesky garden weeds. The strength of this product lies in its concentrated formula, featuring a high amount of glyphosate. It’s impressive just how thoroughly it attacks weeds, not merely damaging foliage but also ensuring the roots underneath are put out of action. This systematic approach minimises the chance of regrowth, which we found particularly effective against persistent perennials.

We appreciate how straightforward the application process is. Mix with water as per the instructions, spray across the undesired vegetation, and the job is done. It doesn’t just end there; the coverage you get from a single litre is expansive, ideal for tackling larger areas without constant refills or repurchases.

However, it’s worth noting that, being so potent, caution is needed during use to avoid harming desired plants or grasses. Due diligence in following the application guidelines ensures the best outcome—a clean, clear, and weed-free space. Plus, the lack of any required batteries or additional components underscores its user-friendliness and efficiency. We found the built-in measuring cap another small but significant convenience.

The overall feedback and ratings reflect a solid satisfaction level among consumers, aligning with our observation of its effectiveness. Rootblast indeed sets itself apart as a weapon of choice against unwelcome green invaders.

Powerful Concentrated Formula

When we got our hands on Rootblast, the concentrated formula really stood out. This isn’t your average weed killer; it’s like an elite task force for weed annihilation. We mixed it with water per the instructions and treated an overgrown section of the garden. It is striking how a small amount goes a long way – perfect for large areas without continuously reaching for another bottle.

However, it’s worth noting that patience is needed. Some reviews mentioned that it takes between 4 to 14 days for weeds to show signs of defeat. Indeed, after about a week, we noticed the weeds began to wilt and eventually died off. This slow warfare on weeds ensures that they’re eliminated right down to the roots.

There’s a catch, though – the potency means accuracy is paramount. This isn’t something you’d use where you want other plants to thrive; it’s a clear-the-ground type of deal. Sprayed areas will become barren ground, making it ideal for patios and driveways but perhaps not for flower beds unless you are targeting weeds very carefully.

In essence, if you’re after a thorough cleanse of weeds, Rootblast hits hard. Just don’t expect instant gratification – give it time to work its thorough magic.

Front of Rootblast super strength weed killer L
Front of Rootblast super strength weed killer L
Rear of Rootblast super strength weed killer L
Rear of Rootblast super strength weed killer L

Super Strength Glyphosate for Broad Weed Control

We recently tested Rootblast in our gardens, battling an array of persistent weeds. The weed killer’s concentrated formula is designed to be diluted with water, which we found to be straightforward. We were looking for a solution that could tackle the roots to prevent regrowth, and this product promises to do just that.

In practice, the results varied. Some of us noticed the first signs of wilting after a week, but it took up to two weeks for others to see a complete turnaround. While this isn’t the quickest result on the market, the end outcome was still satisfactory with weeds decaying from the root up.

We did find that the instructions suggest a stronger mixture than prior versions of Rootblast, which might impact the amount needed for larger areas. For those with expansive gardens, the 1L bottle’s coverage of up to 1,666 square meters is a plus.

It’s also worth noting that Rootblast is highly potent—anything in the vicinity of the sprayed weeds will also be affected. Thus, we advise caution when applying near lawn edges or desired plants.

Overall, Rootblast does what it claims, but patience is key. It’s not an immediate fix, but a reliable one. It’s most effective on driveway moss and patio weeds, where it fares exceptionally—just give it time, and it all but ensures a weed-free area.

Root Level Efficacy

After testing Rootblast in our garden, we’ve observed its effect on persistent weeds. While the brand promises a potent solution to weed woes, it’s essential to temper expectations regarding speed. Our experience aligns with the common consensus of a 4—to 14-day timeline before noticeable results occur. After a week, true to the average review, we saw weeds begin to brown and die.

Despite its strengths, the product’s potency may vary, and some of us found it necessary to use a stronger mix than suggested, impacting overall efficacy and cost. It’s also worth noting that while it excels on driveways and patios, caution is advised when applying near plants you wish to keep. The formula is unforgiving, and its indiscriminate weed-killing nature means nothing in the vicinity survives, so precision is key.

Rootblast shines as a concentrate, offering us significant coverage and long-term control, ideal for larger areas. Yet, the trade-off is a longer initial waiting period for the weed-killing action to manifest. In our collective experience, it establishes itself as a reliable solution, albeit with a few caveats in terms of application strength and area selectivity.

Ease of Application

Trying out the Rootblast Weed Killer, we found the application process to be quite straightforward. The concentrated formula requires dilution, and with a large garden to tend to, this approach is cost-effective. We noticed that the instructions were clear on the packaging, which allowed for an easy mixing process. However, Rootblast’s effectiveness depends on getting the ratio just right—something that calls for a careful eye.

We appreciated that the product is versatile for differing weed problems, as it can be used on driveways, patios, and gardens. In our experience, a garden sprayer was the most efficient method for applying the weed killer over large areas. For smaller patches, we advise using a watering can with a fine rose to avoid over-application. It’s important to note that care must be taken to avoid drift onto desired plants, as the product is non-selective and effective at killing most vegetation it comes into contact with.

Overall, while the product works well, patience is necessary—it generally takes a week or more to see visible results, with weeds beginning to brown and die. Remember, this is not an immediate solution, but it’s effective when given time.

Economic Coverage

In our experience with Rootblast, we’ve found it to be a rather cost-effective option for those of us with larger areas to manage. Its formula allows for covering extensive sections of land with just a single-litre bottle. When we used this product across our garden, the promise of up to 1,666 square metres of coverage became quite evident. It’s a significant plus for anyone seeking value without compromising on effectiveness.

However, it’s worth noting that effectiveness can vary. Some of us have observed a slight delay in action, with it taking a week or more for the weeds to show signs of wilting. This slightly longer timeframe for results means patience is required, and immediate outcomes should not be expected. Moreover, multiple applications could be necessary for more stubborn weed varieties.

We also appreciated that Rootblast’s concentrated nature means that it lasts longer than some ready-to-use options, which tend to deplete quickly. This longer shelf-life and the larger coverage area strike a fine balance between cost and usage, making Rootblast a practical choice, especially for expansive weed problems that demand a persistent solution.

Pros and Cons

Having recently tested Rootblast in our own garden, we’ve found several advantages worth mentioning. First off, the concentrated formula is quite a boon. It means more weed-killing power from less product, and we certainly noticed its potency in destroying weeds all the way to their roots. This is crucial for preventing regrowth and keeping our garden pristine for longer periods.

Effectiveness: We observed that even stubborn perennial weeds succumbed to Rootblast’s high glyphosate concentration. Its deep-action performance is evident as the weeds begin to wilt within a week, ensuring your garden remains weed-free.

User-Friendliness: Another highlight is the ease of use. Mixing the product according to the instructions and applying it to the desired areas was a simple, straightforward process.

Economical Coverage: The large area covered by a single 1L bottle represents great value for money, especially for those of us with more extensive land to maintain. It’s an efficient approach to garden care without constant reapplication.

However, amidst the praise, a couple of drawbacks surfaced in our trial. One notable concern is the time taken for the effects to fully manifest. The application doesn’t grant immediate satisfaction—patience is needed, as it takes a few days for the weeds to start turning brown and dying off.

Delayed Results: The reaction time varies, and in some cases, it can take up to two weeks to see the full benefits, which might not align with everyone’s expectations.

Adjustments in Concentration: We also noticed that newer batches require a stronger mix than before, which slightly dents its cost-effectiveness.

Selective Effectiveness: Be cautious where you apply it; the product is indiscriminate in its action. Any plant life in the treated area will be affected, not just the weeds, which means collateral damage to your lawn or flower beds could be a concern.

The above are the observed pros and cons through our hands-on experience with Rootblast. While its potency and coverage are commendable, its slower action and non-selective nature are aspects to consider before choosing this as your go-to weed killer.

Customer Reviews

Our team has extensively reviewed the Rootblast Weed Killer and we’ve gathered feedback from numerous customers who’ve had hands-on experience. The consensus is that this herbicide is quite potent, thanks to its concentrated formula. Many appreciate that it’s strong enough to handle the pesky weeds in various garden settings. However, the effectiveness doesn’t come instantly. Based on multiple accounts, it typically takes between 4 to 14 days for the weeds to start showing signs of wilting, which aligns with our findings.

Some users noted that the newer bottle requires a stronger mix than the older version, meaning you may run through the product faster than anticipated, potentially decreasing its cost-effectiveness. On the flip side, users love the concentrated nature on large areas like driveways, saving them from buying numerous bottles.

A few customers have been dissatisfied, finding the ‘super strength’ label slightly overpromising. In our experience and corroborated by others, it does its job but patience is key for the full effect. It annihilates weeds completely on patios, but caution is advised when using it near desired plants or on lawns, as it is non-selective and will kill anything it comes into contact with.

In our analysis, the longevity of its efficacy is a highlight, with some users not needing another treatment for over a year on hard surfaces like driveways. Yet, it’s always prudent to remember to handle such a powerful weed killer responsibly, adhering to the instructions strictly for the best outcomes.


After extensive use and observation, we find Rootblast’s weed killer to be notably effective. When mixed at the correct concentration, it exerts thorough control over unwelcome garden weeds. Users should anticipate a 4—to 14-day window for weeds to show signs of wilting, a timeline consistent with most experiences.

Admittedly, the product doesn’t work instantaneously, and patience is needed to see the full effect. A comparison with previous formulations suggests a stronger mix is now required, which can alter cost efficiency over time. Moreover, while it’s particularly powerful for areas like patios and driveways, caution is advised when using near lawns or desired plants due to its non-selective nature.

In our experience, it’s ideal for annual treatments on hard surfaces where it performs persistently. Although the level of control on some robust weed species has been questioned by a few, our verdict leans towards Rootblast being a reliable ally for long-term weed management solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does RootBlast compare to other strong weed killers on the market?

In our experience with various weed control options, RootBlast stands out due to its concentrated glyphosate formula, known for its effective action on a wide spectrum of weeds. Comparing to other products, RootBlast prioritises ensuring that weeds are killed right down to the roots, a feature that is not guaranteed by all weed killers. While some alternatives may offer quicker visible results, they sometimes only tackle the surface, allowing weeds to return. RootBlast proves to be a more permanent solution, although the results may take slightly longer to become visible.

Can RootBlast Super Strength Weed Killer eradicate weeds with a single application?

From what we’ve seen, RootBlast can be very effective with just one application, but it heavily depends on the type and size of the weeds. The tougher, more established perennials may require a second treatment. Feedback from users suggests that patience is key; while some weeds begin to wilt within days, it typically takes around one to two weeks for the full effects to show. It’s not an overnight solution, but it does a thorough job.

Is it safe to use RootBlast Weed Killer in a garden with pets and children?

Safety is a priority for many gardeners, and it’s important to follow the guidelines provided by RootBlast. Once the product has dried, the area treated becomes safe for pets and children to return to. However, during application and before it dries, it’s crucial to keep both children and pets away to prevent any accidental exposure.

What precautions should be taken when applying RootBlast Super Strength Concentrated Total Weed Killer?

When using RootBlast, there are several necessary safety measures:

  • Always wear protective gloves and clothing, and avoid contact with skin and eyes.
  • Apply on a dry, calm day to avoid drift to desired plants.
  • Follow the mixing instructions accurately for the best results and safety.
  • Keep pets and children away until the solution has dried.
  • Properly dispose of any unused mixture according to the guidelines.

Are there any known resistant weeds to RootBlast’s formula?

Like all weed killers with a single active ingredient, there’s a risk that some weeds may become resistant to glyphosate over time. Nevertheless, we have yet to encounter any specific complaints about weed resistance to RootBlast. Rotating weed control methods can help prevent resistance from developing.

How long does it generally take to see results after using RootBlast Weed Killer?

Our observations align with most users who report initial results appearing within 4-14 days post-application, with wilting and browning of weeds. Complete eradication could take additional time, and larger or tougher weeds may require more patience. In any case, monitoring the situation and following up with repeated applications if necessary is advisable.